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Join a Volcano Lands tour and let us be your guides to the natural wonders that surround Portland, Oregon.

We’ll pick you up in Portland and provide safe, comfortable transportation in our 12-passenger van.

Each of our small group tours is designed to give you an exciting, in-depth experience of the region’s natural history. You’ll learn about and connect with the wildlife, plants, and ecosystems of the spectacular Pacific Northwest.

   A Flame Skimmer dragonfly (Libelulla saturata)  On the trail to Wahclella Falls in the Columbia Gorge.
 Coldwater Lake at Mount St Helens  Checking out waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge  Coldwater Lake
 Great Blue Heron tracks on the bank of the Columbia River, in the Gorge.  Wood-eating mushrooms (Pholiota species)
 Big Sitka Spruce tree on the Oregon Coast  The Pacific Northwest Coast  Oh, Portland, how we love you.
 An icy tour of Silver Falls  An icy tour of Silver Falls  Suspension bridge in an ancient forest on the Oregon Coast

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